USA Breakin’ Board of Directors has received the resignation of Jonathan “Xcel” Escotto
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Dear USA Breakin' Community

friday, april 9, 2021
USA Breakin’ Board of Directors has received the resignation of Jonathan “Xcel” Escotto.  Jonathan has been instrumental in serving the Breakin’ community, most recently as DanceSport Vice President.  During his tenure, Jonathan was a founding member of USA Breakin’, partnered to complete the Rules and Regulations, and formed the DanceSport Council through the formation of World Class athletes as well as the CORE Committee dedicated to enhancing the Breakin’ Community.

In light of recent allegations on the web regarding events from a decade ago, Jonathan has decided to step down as he addresses them.  We are sharing the full letter of resignation that Jonathan submitted.

We thank Jonathan for his service and for his continuing commitment to put the interests of those seeking to pursue the Olympic dream as Breakers, first.

Antonio Castillo President

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