USA Breakin’ Board of Directors has received the resignation of Jonathan “Xcel” Escotto
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Dear USA Breakin' Community

friday, april 9, 2021
USA Breakin’ Board of Directors has received the resignation of Jonathan “Xcel” Escotto.  Jonathan has been instrumental in serving the Breakin’ community, most recently as DanceSport Vice President.  During his tenure, Jonathan was a founding member of USA Breakin’, partnered to complete the Rules and Regulations, and formed the DanceSport Council through the formation of World Class athletes as well as the CORE Committee dedicated to enhancing the Breakin’ Community.

In light of recent allegations on the web regarding events from a decade ago, Jonathan has decided to step down as he addresses them.  We are sharing the full letter of resignation that Jonathan submitted.

We thank Jonathan for his service and for his continuing commitment to put the interests of those seeking to pursue the Olympic dream as Breakers, first.

Antonio Castillo President

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Board of Directors

The current BoD consists of Dancers, Professionals, Athletes, and Studio Owners to align Breakin’ in National and International governing bodies through a democratic process.  The BoD works for the greater culture and community to plan, structure, finance, support and grow Breakin’ as a dance sport.  The BoD strives to ensure the dance athlete and professional are properly and fairly represented.

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Antonio Castillo

Antonio, known by his students as Coach T has been part of the movement to develop the sport of Breakin’. Since 2013, he has organized national tours hosting youth, teen and adult pro competitions…

In 2014, Antonio hosted the USA Breakin’ Championships and has been on the road ever since, hosting events to qualify the top athletes in the United States for the USA Finals. Antonio has at the forefront in organizing and developing the organized competitive landscape for break dance, including developing scoring criteria, rules and regulations, and the arena for competitions for the sport. Antonio is both a teacher and a coach, founding a school in Washington DC that was among the first school in the nation to specialize in Breakin as dance and as a competitive sport. Today, The Lab Breakin School has more than 700 students who attend classes, camps and training activities to grow and achieve excellence in Breakin as dance and as a sport. Recently, Antonio has also dedicated time to USA Breakin’, whose purpose is to to help under-privileged youth with scholarships and other expenses to enrich the inclusiveness of the sport of Breakin. Antonio’s passion for dance is long-standing; he he has been and continues to be involved in myriad aspects of Breaking as dance and advocating for it to gain recognition as an Olympic sport.

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Ian Flaws

Ian Flaws is the founder and owner of The Bboy Factory, Denver's premier Breakin’ dance studio dedicated to Bboys/Bgirls and the preservation of authentic Hip Hop arts and culture…

Before opening The Bboy Factory, Ian lived abroad for several years using Hip Hop culture to connect with and learn from international dancers. He spent the majority of that time in Seoul, South Korea as an English teacher and studied extensively with legendary Korean Bboys, Born and Physicx of Rivers Crew. He then volunteered at Tiny Toones in Cambodia, a non profit organization that uses Hip Hop arts to empower at-risk inner city youth and incentivize a free education. These experiences inspired him to return to Colorado and open The Bboy Factory in 2012. Since then, Ian has continued to study with some of the highest regarded dancers in the Breakin’ world such as Ivan the Urban Action Figure, Born, Mr. Wiggles and Kwikstep, who have all taught many times at The Bboy Factory. He has brought many more such as Ken Swift, Moy, Menno, Rennie Harris, AsiaOne, Roxrite and countless other master instructors to teach residencies and workshops. Today, The Bboy Factory is globally recognized as one of the top studios in the United States for providing Breakin’ dance education. Not only is Ian an educator and coach, he is also a high level competitor and performer. He has produced many local events, including seven Bboy Factory Anniversary Jams and two Breakin’ Conventions at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. Internationally, he has taught in Korea, Cambodia, Morocco and Bhutan. Locally, he teaches a wide range of individuals from preschoolers, to University dance students, detention center youth, Denver Public School students and his own studio students. Students of the Bboy Factory have gone on to win National Championships and qualify for the 2018 Youth Olympics. He has been a resident instructor for Denver Chance to Dance, organized by the Mayor of Denver’s wife, and the University of Colorado Hip Hop department. Ian continues to pursue his own dance career with one of Colorado’s top crews and as Head Instructor at the Bboy Factory.

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dancesport vice president
Jonathan Escotto – "Xcel"

Jonathan “Xcel” Escotto is a Bboy, Dance instructor, and Event Promoter, with over twenty years of experience in Hip Hop dance. After finding his passion in the art of Breakin at a young age, Jonathan has dedicated his life to teaching youth and preserving the Hip Hop culture…

As a member of the legendary “Floor Lords”, Boston’s oldest Hip Hop collective, Jonathan applies the discipline and work ethic honed from his martial arts training to his teaching.  With over 15 years of teaching experience in after-school programs and international workshops, Jonathan prides himself on his ability to properly break down movement to students of all levels.

Jonathan has won numerous Breakin competitions, nationally and Internationally. He has appeared as a featured performer in the Discovery Channel “Time Warp series”; MTV’s Direct Effect; Live Aid; entertainment events with the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, and New York Knicks; and, The Special Olympics to name a few.  He has been featured in music videos with artist such as Will Smith and Shaggy.

In 2018, Jonathan founded the “Xcel Breakin Academy” to cultivate and empower the next generation of Bboys & Bgirls.

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professional vp
Michael Lo – "Jet"

Michael is the founder and owner of Miami Bboy Academy, Florida’s first premier dedicated Breakin’ facility. The Academy boasts a team of professional instructors who have more than 30 combined years of experience in breakin’, Martial Arts, Fitness, Entertainment, Dance and Coaching…

Michael’s mission is to promote the art of breakin’ by reaching out, educating, and inspiring today’s youth.  Michael is a Dancer/Martial artist with 20 yrs of extensive experience in the use of movement, gestures, training, motivating clients, mentoring students, and helping athletes meet their goals.  Michael was always into music. His love began at the age of 4, when he started learning piano. After 10 years, he started to pursue other instruments. At the age of 14, he took up playing the French Horn/Mellophone & Trumpet in high school. It was in High School that he was introduced to Breakin’ and life took a different route. Michael also studied Kung-Fu/Canon Fist Style under Master Zhong Hong for 14 years competing and winning various competitions and titles. In October 2018 Michael traveled to the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina as the USA Ambassador. There he got to witness, capture, and document history in the making.  Today, Michael is a part of the Competitive Breakin’ League and Co-founder of Future Force Crew. He envisions a future where breaking’ can be recognized as a sport and and be taught to everyone worldwide.

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athlete vp
Alfredo Sotelo – "BBoy Lego"

Alfredo "Bboy Lego" Sotelo is a world-renowned dancer, teacher, and acclaimed Breaker. Alongside his award-winning crew, Flipside Kings, he has toured internationally while competing, adjudicating, and teaching since 1994…

Lego is a member of Teo Castellanos/D-Projects, a contemporary dance/theater company that fuses world arts and culture while thoughtfully examining social issues through performance. With D-Projects, Lego toured internationally in Scratch & Burn, a meditation on the war in Iraq, and FAT BOY, a project exposing world hunger amid American consumerism and waste.

Lego is a notable recipient of the Red Bull BC One Cypher Award (2017), and he has performed/worked with the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Ricky Martin, the NFL, and the Super Bowl, to name a few.

He is a founding member and Co-Artistic Director of F.A.M. FEST, a three-day indoor/outdoor festival that celebrates diversity through art and dance while enriching the Hip-Hop scene in Miami, Florida.

Lego currently teaches dance, physical fitness, and nutrition at PATH (Preserving Archiving & Teaching Hip Hop), a Miami-based organization that uses Hip-Hop culture and its aesthetics as a means to advance scholarship, service-learning, leadership, and entrepreneurship across cultures and generations.

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development director
Omar Davila – "BBoy Omar"

Omar is a Program Director with a Non-Profit organization in San Antonio, TX. He helps manage and run a mental health program which provides free services to families in Bexar County…

He has over 10 years of Non-Profit experience. He has volunteered at the Bexar County Jail and is an advocate for child abuse and neglect prevention.  A world champion Bboy (breaker), he started traveling internationally at the age of 17 to compete, judge, and teach. He has won multiple international championships. In 2004 Omar became the first Red Bull BC One World Champion in Biel, Switzerland. In 2007 Omar was featured in the award-winning documentary, Inside the Circle. The film featured at the SXSW film festival, aired on MTV and Netflix. It was an international success and won two audience awards. In 2012 Omar helped revive Art of War, a Hip Hop event in San Antonio, TX. An all elements event which included, breakin’, deejays, graffiti writers, emcees, producers, vendors, battles and more. The event has hosted acts such as, the BC One All Stars, Snow Da Product, Chino XL, KRS – One,Immortal Technique, Sheek Louch of the LOX, GZA and Ghostface of Wu-tang, and more. He is the National President of MZK Worldwide, one of the longest established Hip Hop crews - with roots tracing back to the beginning of Hip Hop. Omar is the co-owner of Hope 4 Hip Hop LLC, the event now produces Bboy City, the longest running breakin’ event and competition in the state of Texas. In 2021 Hope 4 Hip Hop established the Texas Breakin’ Open, a national qualifying event sanctioned by USA Breakin’, taking Bboys and Bgirls one step closer to compete towards a National team in the United States. Omar also serves as the newly appointed Development Director with USA Breakin’, a 501(c)3 in partnership with USA Dance Inc; the organizations are tasked with creating the pathway for Bboys and Bgirls (breakers) in the United States to become eligible to compete in the Olympic games.

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media director
Dennis Perez – "Dee"

Founder of the since-’96 Future Force Crew, Dee Perez is a b-boy, artist, teacher and a student of dance. During his earlier engagement with Breakin' a dual passion for dance and art led him to earn his B.A. from the Art Institute…

His expertise includes Breakin' simplifying and communicating movement for others, and graphic design in both digital and traditional arts. He has performed with the Miami Dolphins Fin Force, Florida Panthers Rat Pack, and the American Airlines Arena in Miami for the Miami Heat. Sharing his talents with the next generation of b-boys and b-girls, Perez has helped his students find success at various Breakin' competitions. With over 30 years spanning b-boying, artistry, and education, Dee continues to be an enriching force in the Breakin' community.

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Duane Sy – "LazyRocks"

Grew up in the DC metropolitan area.  In 1997, through friends connected with members of the DC dance group Natural Elements Crew, where he began to learn more about Breakin’, Hip Hop, and its Culture…

He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Radford University (2004) and continues to grow the DanceSport from Washington DC.  

LazyRocks continues to develop concepts for the dance to teach the world about Breakin’ Culture and its community.  He has worked with Breakin’ professionals in the United Breakin’ Association, the Competitive Breakin’ League, and The Lab DC.  He is impassioned to create new avenues for the Breakin’ community to come together in a structured competitive format.

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athlete's council secretary
Benyaamin Barnes-McGee – "BoxWon"

World Champion B-boy by way of West Philadelphia, BoxWon (Benyaamin Barnes-McGee), is a world-renown artist having represented for his city, seaboard, and country on the international Breakin’ circuit for the last decade…

Through his company, Bred2Burn, he has toured to share his philosophy and skill set in Japan, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Canada, and countless cities in between.

A member of the Monster Energy Breakers, a competitive team consisting of the nation's best B-boys & B-girls, he has won numerous titles worldwide solidifying his place as an international influencer and pillar within the Breakin’ community.

Crews: Illadelph Phlave / Bred2Burn / Monster Energy Breakers

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Ruth Long

Ruth began her career as an entrepreneur, developing and growing her own companies in medical, distribution and financial systems.  Dance became a major part of Ruth's life as a method to stay fit and challenge the continued growth of the mind…

With her husband as her partner, she began to compete in Ballroom style dance.  Using her skills as an entrepreneur, Ruth dedicated 4 years to the board of USA Dance, Inc.

In December of 2019, Ruth resigned from USA Dance, Inc to dedicate her volunteer time to the development of Breakin' as a competitive sport and dance form.  USA Breakin's' drive to develop a National Team, lead the unique Breakin' community to the Olympics and support the growth of Breakin' in the United States aligns with Ruth's goals through the volunteer work within USA Breakin.

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