USA Breakin’ is currently in search of new leadership
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Dear USA Breakin' Community

wednesday, september 1, 2021
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to update you on our search for new leadership. For the past couple of months our Vice President, Ian Flaws, has served as the interim president of the organization. He has made clear that he does not intend to retain the position and would prefer an open call to fill the role from within our membership.

Our mission has always been to be inclusive and democratic, to allow our members the opportunity to get involved with the work needed. The role of the President is crucial and we are confident there are members within USA Breakin' who will lead our organization to further recognition and success.

We are looking for professionals who have strong connections within the Breakin community, ample professional experience (perhaps even non-profit) and 5 -10 hours a week to work as a volunteer.

To be considered we are asking for a resume and a cover letter detailing your professional strengths and involvement in the Breakin' community.

With your help, we will continue our mission of building a grassroots representative organization from within the Breakin community to represent Breakers in the United States.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and headshot to: no later than September 7th 2021.

– USA Breakin' Board of Directors

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Cultivating Future

Athletes and Professionals



USA Breakin'™ is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the growth of Breakin' and Hip-Hop through sport educational programs cultivating future athletes and professionals.

Breakin' is a subculture of Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop's birthplace is the United States of America.

usa breakin' is

Committed to providing fair representation for U.S. Breakers

USA Breakin’ is based out of Washington D.C., committed to providing fair representation for U.S. Breakers at international events and creating a platform to select and form a U.S. Breakin' team that truly represents the U.S. Breakin' community and the legacy of Hip-Hop culture, born right here in the United States. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our athletes.

USA Breakin' is committed to promoting and developing Breakin' at the grassroots and national levels, as well as providing safe, empowering and positive training

environments for said team and serving as a resource center for members, crews, fans and competitors throughout the United States. USA Breakin' is committed to providing continuing education for new and experienced professional members including coaches, instructors and officials. USA Breakin' sanctions four categories: Youth (12 and under), Teen (13-17), Adult/Pro (18-34) and Legacy (35 and above).

USA Breakin' has applied for National Governing Body for Breakin' under USOPC invitation.

in partnership with
The sanctioning body
for DanceSport in
the United States
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constituents of usa breakin'

As of 2020, USA Breakin' is governed by a Board of Directors that provides strategic planning for structuring, financing and growing the organization.

The Board consists of…
• President:
Felix Sama
• Vice President:
Ian Flaws
• Secretary: Duane Sy
• Treasurer: Ruth Long
• Professional VP: Michael Lo
• Media Director: Dennis Perez
• Sports Director: Ricky "Speedy Legs" Fernandez

Board of Directors

our role in the olympic games

The U.S. Olympic Committee is comprised of 78 member organizations, including USA Dance. The USOPC is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is responsible for the U.S. Olympic Team and Pan American Games Team.

In 2018, two U.S. athletes qualified through WDSF for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, they were not members of the USOPC and therefore, were not considered for the U.S. delegation of athletes selected to compete in that event.

USA Breakin' has applied for National Governing Body for Breakin' and is committed to selecting a National Team to represent the United States at future Olympic events.

breakin' and it's dance athletes

USA Breakin' has programs for all ages and skill levels, from grassroots to professional. USA Breakin' provides a positive learning experience for anyone interested in the dance sport and/or Hip-Hop culture.

At a grassroots level, USA Breakin' has member studios throughout the country for dancers to begin their education. These educators are active in their local school systems and after school programs as well. Breakin' is an incredible dance that develops strength, flexibility, agility, control, coordination, discipline, confidence and creativity. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, goal orientation and positive self-esteem. Through dedication and consistent practice, dancers can grow and improve to represent the United States. Other dance athletes may work toward performing professionally, becoming educators, coaching or even earning a college scholarship.

the national team

The National Team will feature a designated number of dance athletes for Youth, Teen, and Adult members. The team will be selected through regional qualifiers and ultimately the National Championship event.

Through regional qualifiers, members will gain points based on where they place. At the National Champions, their performances will earn them more points. Their cumulative ranking will be evaluated along with other factors by a committee selected to form the National Team.

breakin' for usa

Breakin' can be a fun activity for anyone, at any age or skill level. It has empowered countless youth to uplift themselves through creativity and hard work.

As an element of Hip-Hop culture, Breakin' was born in the United States, originating in underserved neighborhoods in New York City during the early 1970’s. This history is important to our organization.

It is our conviction that Breakin's place of origin should always be included in international events. Even as Hip-Hop and Breakin' have spread across the globe, the legacy should always remain here in the United States. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for U.S. Breakers to represent this dance and culture we love on the international level.

Feel free to reach out to us. We are always looking for ways to better serve our community.

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